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using Excel,access,outlook etc.

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Jun 5, 2005
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What do you guys use Excel,access,outlook for?

What type of office jobs use excel or access for please?

I know doing inventory uses excel but what else can i use excel and access for please?

Bill of materials, cost, suppliers list...whatever....excel is a very powerful tool i think...i had some tables for eletronics calc all in excel with all the math hidden behind very cool related pics.



You can use Excel to make a Graph representation of your data located in some related cells

What kind of data would i been entering for office jobs?

What kind of data do u guys enter in excel and access?

1.) parts
2.) supplies
3.) billing
4.) income
5.) peoples names and information
6.) What else ?

what else can these programs be used for?/

Excel has built-in functions to calculate most of the parameters that are used in engineering:
. Trig
. Exponential
. Imaginary/Complex numbers
. Statistics
. Searching and sorting
In addition it has built-in graphing capability
As a result, Excel can be used to perform many common engineering calculation tasks.
Excel has a built-in programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). VBA is a very powerful language that can be used to write programs that that would otherwise require a general purpose programming language, such as C or C++. The nice thing about VBA for Excel is that it can take advantage of Excel's built-in user interface, printing, graphing capabilities. Give VBA a try, even if you have no immediate use for it. You may even get hooked:D
Access is a database manager. It is used for managing, manipulating, searching, sorting data. As an example, suppose you have a database of electronic components in your inventory. The daatabase has electrical parameters in fields for each part number. Access could be used, for example to find all capacitors with a capacitance between 0.1 and 0.47 uF, with a voltage rating grater than or eaual to 50V, and a metallized polycarbonate dielectric.
Outlook is useful for e-mail tasks, and managing appointments, meetings, contacts.

Thanks for the help

What kinds of inventory data or inventory in general would i use for excel or access?

Added after 3 minutes:

what kind of DATA or inventory would i do with Excel or access?

What would u put down on your resume saying u entered in What into Excel or Access what kind of data or information using excel or access?

What can u think of please ? information u or in general can enter in excel or access with?

for inventory -excel is used. for datbase also same is used.

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