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UART to ETHERNET modules

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Aug 18, 2012
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I have been asked to add an ETHERNET port to an existing processor board that uses a TMS320F DSP. There is one unused UART port so I'm looking for a UART to ETHERNET module.

Several years back I used a Lantronix X-Port to accomplish the same thing, however this module was fairly expensive.

I found a couple of SPI based modules at Digi-Key for about $30 for example
so this is an option.

Found this one, great price

Important criteria for this design:
1) Price
2) Availability, I want to avoid something that will be obsolete a year or two from now.
3) Ease of use.

Any suggestions?

The cheap chinese ethernet-to-RS232 bridge has a function similar to Lantronix X-port, but I don't believe that you can seriously expect long term availibility.

The WIZnet chips are a different kind of ethernet interface. They would be used if you want to add more than a simple serial port over ethernet, e.g. multiple ports or specific protocols that can't be implemented witha an ethernet RS232 adapter.

The decision depends on the intended product functionality.
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You may also want to consider the Lantronix XPort AR which is a considerably enhanced version of the XPort with the support of several additional protocols and functionality. However, the UART interface of the Lantronix XPort AR is limited to 230,400 bps, in comparison to the XPort's maximum throughput of 921,600 bps:

Another option is the Moxa line of embedded serial to Ethernet modules:

Moxa Embedded Networking Serial-to-Ethernet Modules

I've successfully deployed, the Lantronix XPort, XPort AR, Moxa MiiNePort E1/2/3 Series and various WIZnet modules in numerous designs, they all have their particular niche to fill, as FvM mentioned selecting the most appropriate modules depends largely on the particular application and its requirements.

Availability from Chinese manufacturers can often be problematic and although many of the products are knockoffs/clones of products from other manufacturer, obtaining meaningful support can often be an issue as well.


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