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The future of filters (HTS filters, LTCC, Advanced-MIC)

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Feb 17, 2003
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Trends of the filter?

Hi, everyone. I am curious about the furture of the filter ( Microstrip line filter). Do you have any idea about that? My job is designing high temperature superconductor (HTS) filter, but i think the price is the problem to using. So, what's your opinion on the forture technoloy of filtr? Such as LTCC or Advanced-MIC( using semiconductor's fabrication). Because I want to go abroad to get the PHD about that.

Thahks for your answering.

If you have any advice about that, please sent the e-mail to me.

I've got a very strong feeling that LTCC filters are coming inevitably to the RF & microwave world. The manufacturers only need to get their processes right to achieve constant and small enough line widths and substrate thicknesses. The dielectric constant and losses of the usual materials are not a problem any more, but the variation of dimensions may still be.

And perhaps these things could also - one day - evolve to HTS filters, when they start using suitable conductor pastes for superconductive operation. This may take a few years, but I feel them coming sooner or later.


Actually, There many companies works for HTS front-end system. Such as STI and so on.
How greatest performace did you ever hear about the band rejection of any kind of filter? 3dB/MHz?
Try this.

hi!tungchang!are u a chinese?
i am a student in china and also designing
hts flter,are u intreasted in keeping in touch with me?
i think its very helpful for all of us!
i am looking forward to contact with u!

Trends of the filter?

hi .hobbymat.
May u give me some advice on how to design LTCC BPF ,or recommende some documents and simulation tools furthermore. I am a green hand in this field except some experience on Microstrip BPF design.

Trends of the filter?

Does HTS chief enough than the LTCC or microstrip.

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