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[SOLVED] Suggestion on prolonged usage of cardboard underlay on LPKF Protomat S63


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May 14, 2022
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Saw a couple of old unresolved threads so I am posting this here.

There's a good way to prolong the usage of the white card underlay on the Protomat S63 (and other machines in this class which use suction vacuum to pull the PCB board down flat):
After the job is completed, and the PCB is taken off, scatter the powdered residue left behind from various drills and especially the final contour router bit on the card board itself.
I use a flat file to file the dust: it's important to leave most of the dust on the board itself. Then run the vacuum suction manually (big red button on the vacuum unit) - it will simply suck all the residual dust back into the card board and incorporate it as part of the surface.

I was told this trick in a phone call with the LPKF service technicians (they're marvellously helpful with technical tips). The more porous the board gets, the better it is at suction.

We've been using our S63 with the same card backing board for 4+ years now having printed 500+ boards (it's an R&D prototyping machine).

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