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Stereoscopic video processing, LVDS to CVBS: advice needed

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Nov 10, 2009
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I am looking at an imager that has a stereo-mode output when coupled with an LVDS chip of 8-bit raw Bayer on an 18-bit frame output. I want to convert this to CVBS output and have been told that I should use CPLD of some kind, or perhaps FPGA. There are several chips with LVDS inputs, and it is possible to use the chips as a mod to interface with a few components to video encoders that are TV-out capable. I'm having some trouble figuring out how to choose between design options, and have two separate designs, at least, in mind ..

The first design terminates the LVDS to an RF transmitter in the r/c regime for amateur TV telemetry from vehicular r/c (like my toy cars and planes :) ).. the second design is for plain wired connection using composite video. In the first, I've considered a cofdm digital radio link instead of analog video transmission but for general use, I still think analog is the way to go. The main thing I want to do is keep the price of conversion and transmission down, whether wireline or wireless. Any help, pointers, suggestions, tutorials appreciated. Thanks.

I have cpu programming experience but HDL/Verilog and FPGA etc is new to me.

Re: Stereoscopic video processing, LVDS to CVBS: advice nee

This is my problem too

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