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specification of a PCB layout program

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Jun 22, 2008
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pcb layout software -free

i am looking for a PCB layout program of price less than $100 or therabouts.

anybody know one with at least the following spec........

1. Able to do copper pour

2. Checker which can flag up if copper from two different nets is spaced less than 0.2mm apart.

3. Schematic and PCB can be synchronized

4. Can do double-sided PCB’s with via’s available.

5. PCB board size at least 80mm by 60mm

6. Design rule check which when invoked, tells if PCB layout is same as schematic to which it is linked.

7. Have “air-wires” which show the connections between the components on the PCB before I have actually placed these components.

8. When I draw out a component in the PCB layout program, I wish to have an “outline” which shows the lateral extents of the component so I can avoid having adjacent components “butting” into each other.

9. preferably having a “getting started” guide with a few simple worked example layouts.

10. Preferrably having a good user forum where I can ask my rather amateurish questions on how to use the program

pcb specification


pcb check software


Eagle does not seem to have thermal pads ??

Pulsonix costs about £3000?

what is printed circuit board layout software

I Think PROTEL is cheaper but u need to check
you can test freePCB I've a very little experience with this Open Source Tool check it here:

Added after 41 minutes:

besides PROTEL, Proteus is a low cost suit but at first you can try some Open Source and usually free tools they worth a survey:
first gEDA, more complete suit is consist of two substantial suit with this name gEDA/PCB (you can check each of them)
you can find more capable Open Source tools here like:
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

however here is a complete list of PCB Tools you can check their specifications:

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