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SoC Encounter layout export problem: anybody familiar with the streamout map file??

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Jul 20, 2005
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I have designed a digital block circuit layout by SoC encounter. I've tried to export the layout into a GDSII file. After that I would import the GDS into cadence virtuoso to combine with my analog layout.

I have some problems with the Encounter layout exporting. The file is generated by the Encounter software. But the layer number is not matched with the number provided by foundry.

What I did is to change the number to the correct number which is given by the foundry map file. The foundry map file is given by the PDK.

However, I still have several parameters unknown. Please see attached picture.

The last three parameters are not found in the foundry map file. So the numbers are unchanged. As a results, the generated gds file is not complete.

Does anybody know these parameters? Can anyone help me with this? I've been working on this for two weeks...

thanks a million....


I'm not an expert. But why don't you use the foundry map file to generate GDSII file from Encounter using streamout -f command?



Man, I have already tried to export the GDSII file with the foundry map file. But it didn't work.

When i did that, my encounter SW and the command window just disappeared, like vanished from the screen...


There is a special file that you can create called the cds2gds map file. The gds layer list should be defined by your vendor. CDS stands for cadence design systems format, which typically uses a different mapping scheme than the technology vendor uses. By creating this cds2gds file you can successfully import and export layer information between gds for your foundry and cds for use with cadence tools.

The basic format is:

Foundry_Layer_Name (i.e M1) Category (i.e drawing) Foundry_Layer_Number(i.e 15) Cadence_Layer_Number(i.e. 0)


M1 drawing 15 0
M2 drawing 26 1

so on and so on.

Please let me know if this helps.

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