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Simple PCB layout software to use

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Jun 21, 2005
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simple pcb layout editor

I'm building an embedded Ethernet module for my project.

I'm using either a DP83847 (LLP) from National or Micrel's KS8721B (SSOP).

I'm totally new to PCB and i'm currently looking for a PCB layout software for simple and easy layout (1 layer)

Can anyone recommend any software?

elías - pcb

you can try eagle layout editor. there is a trial version.

simple pcb layout program

I second the suggestion on Eagle. The free version is very good. And Olimex, the cheap PCB manufacturer in Bulgaria, take the CAD files directly.

There is also a very good 3D model generator for Eagle CAD, called Eagle 3D, which is also free.


Eagle sounds interesting.

At least if i have any problems with the software i believe there r ppl here who can help me


orcad layout plus is best for bigneers

orcad is best

Try pcad or pads or orcad.

these software in demo mode has software limitation. try these if these meet your requirement.

There's a catch when you are routing for ethernet controller. The TX & RX signal MUST be differentially routed.

Read any ethernet PCB routing manual before you actually do alctual routing.

Good Luck.


I have used Express PCB and DIP Trace, both free softwares available on the net. you can just random search and download them. For my application, i used the express PCB software to do a single layer PCB layout for my isp1161 chip. Express PCB is quite easy to use.. For your single layer design, i think it shoul be no problem using express PCB. anyway, user preference is subjective and ... well, just try them out and see :D

pcb wizard is exelent for small circuits .

Added after 5 minutes:

made unfinished project with circad 4.20 ....

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