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Setup & Hold Time Analysis

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Sep 22, 2004
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setup hold time analysis

whr v r using Setup & Hold time analysis?... H to perform it?...

hold time analysis

it is quite crucial for u to use set up & hold time analysis,because if they are not met,then ur sequential ckts might not might result in loss of data or atleast a delay in the data.for eg,if the set up is not met,then previous data is for as i know,we don't generally have hold violations because,the clk2q delay takes care of the hold time..
i really don't know how these are taken into account in h-spice...

io hold time explanation

Set up and hold time violation plays a major role in the working frquency of the circuit .

consider a combi circuit followed by a flop .

for the output to be stable set up time and hold time of flop to be statisfied

setup time : data stays for a period min tsu before clock arrival .
hold time : data stays valid for a period min of thold after clock arrival .

setup time decides your worst case behavior of the circuit
hold time decides your best case (shortest delay ) of the circuit

set up time hold time analysis

Hi ,

jus think over the concept how a D ff will work without violation..

Any controlled storage device latch or ff will need to have data stable before and after the clock edge for proper transmission to Q output.. u violate that simple the device fails.. It hits the functionality directly and hence cant be taken lightly..

Set up violations after amnufacture can be accepted as u decrease the max freq of operation and the job s done but hold violation occurs.. jus throw the chip out of the window.

Y hold violation not given importance then because with present tech ClK TO q DELAY TAKE CARES OF hold time violations..


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