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Setting config ic Cadence IC6 for distribute processes

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Syd Barrett

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Oct 23, 2009
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Hello everybody
I'm a novice here, but i've got a serious qusestion


Got any ideas how to run simulation on a several machines, using only standard included software (virtuoso or neocircuit or anything else?))

The main question is in the last post

I use Cadence software Neocircuit (3.4) in Solaris OS, it has an option that allows to run simulation on several hosts at the same time using RSH/SSH/LSF etc. I try to use RSH. There is a Setup Guide where they say that i need to configure hosts:
1)create files hosts.equiv to permit access without passwords between hosts in /etc folder
2)create file .rhosts in own directory of each host
3)and there is another thing, that i can't understand - they say that i should configure the environment on the remote machine. I really don't know what it means

The problem is: when i start simulation on my machine, the simulation goes on only on my host. Other host isn't used at all.

Extra: there are some differences between two machines:
1)my machine has Cadence 5 and remote machine has Cadence 6
2)on my machine Neocircuit is installed separately as an extra tool, remote machine has integrated Neocircuit (in ADE, as i think)

The main questions are:
1)what does it mean to set the environment on remote machine?
2)maybe i've done something wrong?

PS Here are some information from manuals, guides and FAQ's

Problem statement:
How to setup multiple machines for Neocircuit RSH distributed processing in Solaris?

Neocircuit indicates that it has problem accessing the machines specified in the
machine lists.

The RSH process manager starts remote processes on the machines in the machines list
using the remote shell rsh.
This process manager requires that you specify a machines list in the PMConfig file.

The password request for rsh should be de-activated for Neocircuit to access these
This can be done by doing the following:

1. Create the .rhosts ASCII file in the user home directory with the content for all
machines access:


2. With root permission create the text file hosts.equiv at the location /etc/hosts.equiv.
Similarly, in order to allow rsh/rlogin without passwords, we must place the hostnames of
all the machines which are to be allowed passwordless access in the /etc/hosts.equiv
file on the machine(s)) which is allowing such access.

If, for example, we wish to allow unrestricted access between two machines, machine1 and
machine2, through RSH, we would need to place appropriate /etc/hosts.equiv files on
each machine, with content as follows:


For any machines to be allowed passwordless access, the content will be:


Manual for Neocircuit setup:

NeoCircuit enables you to manage the NeoCircuit processes utilizing a number of different methods. No matter what the method used, the process management information is stored in a single data file: the PMConfig file. For more information on the PMConfig file
The process manager you specify in the PMConfig file will determine how NeoCircuit spawns the evaluation node executable.
NeoCircuit currently supports these process managers:
" Flowtracer
" Gridware
" LocalHost

The RSH process manager starts remote processes on the machines in the machines list using the remote shell rsh. This process manager requires that you specify a machines list
NeoCircuit enables you to set up the remote machine environment one of two ways. If you use straight RSH (Rsh.tcl), you can set environment variables in the terminal window that you want to affect the simulation node. The remote process environment is set up by sourcing your .cshrc file, then overriding the .cshrc settings with any set in the local NeoCircuit session.
If you use Rsh without an environment (Rsh_without_env.tcl), the RSH process manager sources your .cshrc file to set up the remote node environments, and any environment variables set in the NeoCircuit session are ignored.

Oh, PPS what does it mean - RSH with environment and RSH without environment?

How to set the environment on remote machine(multithreading)

Maybe i should install rsh server on each machine?

Re: How to set the environment on remote machine(multithread

you should have the same version of IC and neocell on all the machines.

How to set the environment on remote machine(multithreading)

Thanks a lot, i'll try after holidays

Though another question: how to run distributed simulation?

There's a manual for virtuoso distribute processing in attachment

Distributed processes in cadence (was multithreading first)


I've got new task and new problems. The problems are:
1) is there any order to setup configuration (from distproc.pdf file)
2) what should i do to run distributed processes or remote process
3) can anyone tell me what steps should i take to make working configuration?

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