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Cadence Virtuoso IC -- Stream Out Warnings

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Narcisuss the Reborn

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Mar 23, 2022
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I receive some warnings when I export my layouts as gds files. They have such structure:

WARNING (XSTRM-223): The objects in the layer-purpose pair ‘instance:drawing’ are ignored. This is because the layer-purpose pair used in the design is not specified in the layer map file. Specify the layer-purpose pair in the layer map file and try again.

Aside from ‘instance:drawing’ layer-purpose pair there are 'y1:drawing', 'y1:drawing', 'y2:drawing', 'y3:drawing', 'y4:drawing', 'y5:drawing', 'y6:drawing', 'changedLayer:tool0', 'background:drawing'. All other layers are read correctly. I suppose that the aforementioned layers are extra layers, but don't know why they are not in the layer map.

Does anyone know should / could I do something with this problem?

The instance/drawing layer used to have a real job.

Until sometime in IC6, selectable extents of a master defaulted to geometric extents, but this could be narrowed usefully by placing an instance/drawing rectangle. Then selection from above only "grabs" if cursor is over the "handle". I used to place a name text in the box to make the target obvious.

But somewhere along the line Cadence "broke" this functionality and the layer started disappearing from PDKs. So you find these "meaningless" instance objects in legacy layouts.

You can make a private layertable and add instance/drawing if you want to preserve the detail you have been given, if you know the original stream layer.


Thank you for your answer!

What do you mean by "the layer started disappearing from PDKs"? As far as I understand these layers (y1-y6, background, etc.) have never been in my PDK layertable. So maybe it is supposed to be like that OR there is error in PDK (layermap file)? I tend toward the second option.

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