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serial to Ethernet device

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May 24, 2006
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serail to ethernet microchip

hi to all..
i want to send my microcontroller serial data through ethernet to a remote PC(in same network).any link, tutorial, book or else you can do.
your guidence will be very helpful to me.....

project rtl8019 virtual serial


ive used the drivers here for comvdd and it worked
i used trsansmit from a master via the lan driver to another machine also running the same driver
and was able to control a proteus session over lan

infact several machine all listening on the same port

look down the page to the bottom for network serial driver

microchip serial to ethernet

thx for your help VSMDVDD ....
i wan to send my microcontroller data throught ethernet where at the one node there is no pc but my microcotroller is atteched .

trsansmit serial

Hey drbizzarow

If you are using a PIC micro or similar, I would recommend using the ethernet controller from Microchip (ENC28J60 - SMD or PDIP -
It uses a SPI interface at the PIC-side, and very few other components.

- or maybe a PIC with integrated ethernet controller like the PIC18F87J60 (SMD only :-( )

An alternative could be a Realtek ethernet controller (RTL8019AS) - also lot of online information.

Which language do you prefer?

Microchip got a free TCP/IP stack writen in C18 (supports HiTech C also as far as I remember) - very usefull as it would be a nightmare to do it yourself. The stack shows how to make a lot of things, like http, ftp, tftp and snmp - and controlling the internal hardware in the PIC by these interfaces.
**broken link removed**

As far as I know there isn't any microchip driver for a "virtual ethernet comport" for windows XP, but maybe your application could be just as useful with a http interface?

You could use the stack to send simple packages to a PC, but how you easy can capture them i don't know - maybe some MATLAB or C++ could keep it simple.

Good luck (this i properly not a beginners project - I tried it and haven't succeeded yet - maybe a demoboard isn't such a bad idea - approx. 165 USD from Microchip)

HPW123 (20 yo - PIC noob)

using pic18f87j60 for ethernet project

thx pal for all helps ...
im using CSS c compiler .

pic18f87j60 proteus

Take a look at the Serial Ethernet Board by mE:

**broken link removed**

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