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Running WG2000.5 next to WG2002

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May 30, 2001
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For anybody who got into this situation(Like me), here's the solution provided by MG.

Preventing Missing WG2002 License Modules
by Terry E. Lovell
Last modified: October 14, 2002

©Copyright Mentor Graphics Corporation 1995-2002. All rights reserved.
This document contains information that is proprietary to Mentor Graphics® Corporation. The original recipient of this document may duplicate this document in whole or in part for internal business purposes only, provided that this entire notice appears in all copies. In duplicating any part of this document, the recipient agrees to make every reasonable effort to prevent the unauthorized use and distribution of the proprietary information.
Trademarks that appear in Mentor Graphics product publications that are not owned by Mentor Graphics are trademarks of their respective owners.

This application note describes how to resolve missing licensing modules (such as Reusable Blocks, IFFs, and so on) that result from simultaneously running WG2002 and WG2000.5 versions of software on the same Windows® platform.

Important Client Licensing Files
When Mentor Graphics client licensing software is initially loaded, two critical files (MGLS.DLL and MGC.PKGINFO) are downloaded to the machine and their location paths mapped. These files provide the licensing software with the packaging and version information necessary for running the Mentor Graphics WG applications.

WG2000.5 Application InstallationDuring the WG2000.5 client licensing software installation, MGLS.DLL and MGC.PKGINFO are physically located in the …\Mentor\2000.5\mglsclnt directory. The product initialization file maps this location into the machine’s System Variables, which are listed on the Environment tab of the System Properties dialog

WG2002 Application Installation
During WG2002 client licensing software installation, MGLS.DLL and MGC.PKGINFO are placed in multiple locations. Their locations are populated in the binary directory (…\Mentor\Wg2002\VBExpPCB\bin) of each application loaded. Each WG application, by default, looks to their respective binary directory for programming information, in this case the client license packaging information.

Problem Description
The problem of missing licensing modules occurs when the WG2002 client licensing software is installed on an existing WG2000.5 machine. The initialization program does not physically remove the System Environment Variables from the previous WG2000.5 installation. Therefore, when the software tries to access the latest client licensing modules for the WG2002 applications, by default the system reads the environment variables set up by the WG2000.5 installation first, thus using the old MGLS.DLL and MGC.PKGINFO paths, which do not include any of the latest licensing modules.

Problem Resolution
Step 1: Removing the System Environment Variables
The problem is easily resolved. The user must physically remove the System Environment Variables that were added during the WG2000.5 client licensing installation.
  • 1. Open the System Properties dialog and click the Environment tab.
    2. Under System Variables, select MGLS_DLL and click Delete, and then select MGLS_PKGINFO_FILE and click Delete once again.
    3. Click OK to accept the changes and dismiss the System Properties dialog.

Once these two variables are removed, the WG2002 applications will default to the binary directory locations for MGLS_DLL and MGC.PKGINFO that were loaded during the WG2002 client licensing installation.
This resolution renders the old application (WG2000.5) inoperative. The next section describes how to restore the old application without reintroducing the original problem of missing license modules.

Step 2: Restoring WG2000.5 Operation
The WG2002 client licensing files provide all of the licensing modules required for WG2000.5 applications. When you removed the WG2000.5 environment variables, the WG2000.5 applications no longer could map the new location of these files, thus rendering the WG2000.5 software inoperative. You must copy the new client licensing files from the binary directory of the WG2002 application(s) to the binary directory of the WG2000.5 application(s).
  • 1. Open an Explorer window.
    2. Browse to the binary directory of the WG2002 application, in this example it is the Expedition PCB binary directory (…\Mentor\Wg2002\VBExpPCB\bin).
    3. Select the mgc.pkginfo and mgls.dll files, and copy these files to the WG2000.5 Expedition PCB binary directory (…\Mentor\2000.5\VBExpPCB\bin).

Your WG2002 and WG2000.5 client licensing versions should now be fully operational.

greetz, venz.


thanks for your post!!

mentor wg2000

you're welcome

hope it worked for you...

greetz, venz.

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