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Resistor not found in PCB layout design

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Jan 28, 2013
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Hi. I'm using the software Proteus for simulation. After designing the circuit, i want to convert it into PCB and using the software Ares.
But, when i'm using Ares, i cant find the component resistor in my PCB design. It is weird as all of other component is found.
Here's some pictures:

This is the design using Isis Proteus

This is the PCB layout using Ares

Thx in advance
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ARES only shows components with packages, a component with package can also be omitted from ARES if the "exclude from PCB" property is set in the ISIS component properties.

Open the component properties in ISIS and check what is shown in PCB package and the exclude checkbox

P.S. images should be attached in the message, using external servers is against the forum rules

oops... sorry, i'm new here. should've read the rules earlier.
thanks for the reply. so i'll just exclude the resistor from pcb layout

But you want to include it not exclude it or did I misunderstand your question?

PS You have removed your image links but you haven uploaded then again using the forum attachment functionality, I'll do it for you this time

actually i want to include it. but, my proteus/ares's component library don't have resistor in it.
so, i'll just remove it from the pcb layout and just manually drill on the pcb later and use the jumper cable.

From your image it is not clear what component you have uses, did you try the RES resistors ?
oh thanks a lot. Problem solved. i used the RES package.

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