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remote battery monitoring- ethernet enabled volt meter....

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Aug 29, 2009
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battery monitoring over ethernet

hello all,
i install remote wifi units,, being powered by 12v lead acid batteries (600amps) in all,,, i wish to be able to dial in (by means of an installed 3g router) and access some form of ethernet enabled volt meter- giving an indication of the battery level... tried looking on the net... cant seem to find anything... anyone come across such a product ?????

remote battery monitoring

There are of course LAN-enabled benchtop-multimeters, e.g. Agilent 34410A. But they are possibly too expensive and too accurate anyway.

Furthermore, there's a rich choice of PC data acquisition solutions, including analog measurement modules. They expose different interfaces, e.g. RS232/485, USB and Ethernet. See e.g. ADAM-6024 Ethernet-I/O-Modul from Advantech.

Finally, remote accessible data loggers, including e.g. GSM data communication, can provide the complete functionality in a box.

P.S.: An example for remote accessible data logger/alarm device using SMS communication


If you require a Ethernet Based Voltmeter that can provide these voltages, Current draw etc, has relays for scripts and much more.

See **broken link removed**

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atdad.jpg **broken link removed** Web-based, Remote Battery Monitoring over network.


• Real-time controlled via user friendly yet advanced web page, telnet, ssh, or snmp.
• Circuit-board construction enables fast and easy on-site servicing with pluggable Weidmeuller connectors.
• Design minimises the number of wearable and replaceable parts and extends product life.
• Digital voltmeter accuracy is verified by a factory calibration check and can be modified via onboard software.
• Two on-board fuses preventing power overloading.
• Flexibility of installation options.
• Economical power usage, less than 2watts.

Possible real-time applications:

• High precision battery monitoring.
• Solar power input monitor and control.
• Equipment current draw monitoring.
• Generator monitoring and control.
• Automate or on-demand control of AC/DC equipment.
• Periodic or event timers.
• Radio SNR/RSSI monitoring.
• WiFi solar communications trailer monitor & control.

RMS-200 Specification:

Model 200 SERIES
PCB Type
Six layer PCB with Nickel Immersion Gold plating and red solder mask.
400 - MHz Arm Processor (500 Mips !).
256 - megs of Nand Flash. Create and store custom applications.
64 - megs of SD-Ram.
On-Board Ethernet
One on-board 10/100 Ethernet port for communications.
Power supply
Dual Low Noise Switching Power Supplies, accepts 8 - 60 vdc input. Can be powered directly from 12, 24, or 48 volt battery banks.
On-board Backup
Battery backed-up, real time clock.
On-board Sensors
One onboard temperature sensor - 25c + 100c.
On-board Voltmeters
Six 24 bit isolated voltmeters (+/- 100 VDC). Each voltmeter has its own 24 bit Delta Sigma ADC. Each voltmeter can be put into low voltage shunt mode (+/- 2 VDC).
Maximum Operating Temperature
85°C / 185°F.
Minimum Operating Temperature
-45°C / -49°F.
On-board Relays 5amps
Two Power Relays for devices using up to 240v - 5 amps AC/DC current.
On-board Relays 10amps
One Power Relay for devices using up to 240v - 10 amps AC/DC current.
Two programmable push buttons.
Input/Output I/O
Five general purpose I/O pins. Used for security door contacts and many other applications.
Power Output
Power output port, 5.0vdc (500ma). Used to power other devices such as GPS units.
Serial Port
One full serial port for controlling mobile phones, GPS, Telstra GPRS and more..
Console Port
One console serial port for full terminal access.
Two USB 2.0 ports for cameras, wireless clients, extra Ethernet, etc and more. Supports external USB relays and voltmeters.
Operating System
Runs real Linux! 2.6.33 kernel.
Send SMS messages, Email alerts, SNMP traps, Remote Syslog Messages and more. Full SNMP v1, v2, v3 support (default v3).
Ping watchdog, power cycle equipment after a set amount of ping timeouts. Duel Watchdog Reset circuits, processor integrated, and extra hardware.
Direct CLI Access
Command line utilities: ping, ftp, email, relays, and more.
Flash new firmware over the internet or network with inbuit corruption protection.
Easy Access
Control RMS-200 via web page, telnet, ssh, or snmp.

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