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Questions about porting Linux OS on Microblaze with Virtex6 board

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Jun 26, 2013
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I have a ML605 evaluation board.

I have ISE13.4 on my Windows PC, and I installed ISE Webpack 14.7 on my Ubuntu laptop.

What I want to do is to run a simple linux OS on microblaze.

First, I use XPS and SDK on my Windoes PC to generate ise_top.bit and xilinx.dts.

Then, I download a linux-xlnx on my ubuntu computer. After copying my xilinx.dts to /arch/microblaze/boot/..., I use the following to commands to add the path:

export CROSS_COMPILE = microblazeel-xilinx-linux-gnu-

export PATH=/opt/Xilinx/14.7/ISE_DS/EDK/gnu/microblaze/linux-toolchain/lin64_le/bin:$PATH

Then, I followed some online manual to peform:

make ARCH=microblaze sp605_le_defconfig (This sp605 file did not exist in the linux folder, I downloaded it)

make ARCH=microblaze menuconfig (I checked the platform options)

make ARCH=microblaze simpleImage.xilinx (When I came accross some errors about "mkimage", I simpley use sudo apt-get install u-boot-tools to get around that, which I guess is not very safe)

Finally, I got 2 files ready: simpleImage.xilinx (4.5MB) and simpleImage.xilinx.unstrip (5.5MB).

Do you think the size looks right? What is the .unstrip file used for?

The above operations are all I did to generate simpleImage.xilinx.

However, when I went back to my Windows PC to open Xilinx tools->Launch shell ..... fpga -f ise_top.bit... connect mb mdm...dow simpleImage.xilinx...con...., I saw nothing displayed on my serial port terminal (TeraTerm).

Is there any important step that I probably missed? Maybe it is about U-boot, if so could you please me some suggestions on how to finish the "U-boot step" of this experiment?

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