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psyn: phycical compiler advanced

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Can you expalin what
the physical compiler do excatly.

I think there are a lot of folks do not have lots of points to download something they do not know.

If you kindly describe a little on the attachement, then those who
want the attached will download it, for
those who do not need it, they might able to save some points.

Just a suggestion.

it is quite a lots to say about Physical compiler,
but you might take a look here without any piont
**broken link removed**


Thank you for the hyberlink.
I think it is indeed a gate-level synthesizer tool. So it might be foundry dependent, am I right?

Anyway, nice to know new tool

Hi guys,

I read some topic, they are only talk about the name or version of synthesis tools. But no one talk about the functonal, design flow, technique, good or bad of the tools.

I have try on Cadence PKS and I feel cadence PKS one is better than synopsys physical compiler. Anyone agree with me?

I would say that synopsys is the first one and then cadence PKS. The graphical interface of PKS is not very efficient! the cadence tools may be faster thansynopsys, but the netlist produced by synopsys is better in timing & area.

mug, I agree with you. DC can provide better result than ambit.

I find that the PKS can provide reasonable result even without constraints. However, physical compiler can't do that.

There is no point to do a synthesis or even a physical synthesis without any constraint! The constraints are probably the most important thing and the most difficult task during the synthesis.
Both ambit or synopsys can produced a netlist without constraint. In that case it's just a RTL to gate translation.

mug, I agree with you that constraint is very important in the synthesis.

From my experience, time planning is most difficult in the design.

what is the detail concept of this doc?

It is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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