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Protel 99SE Print Problem

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Mar 27, 2002
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I am trying to print a pcb layout has some SMD omponents.
Following portition of PCB does not printed properly. there is
some shifting between SOIC pads and top layer traces.
It appears in print preview and paper. But it does not appear
at PCB layout (other picture). I zoom in with high magnifications
in PCB layout and it looks fine.


Hi Sobakava

What type of printer you use ?

!!!you need to calibrate your printer!!!!



I've HP LaserJET 6P.
But this problem does not happen only with this printer.

If I select an other printer too. For instance, I installed some
very hi-quality printer drivers with postscript support. But
same problem exists.

What do you mean with "calibrating printer" ? Is it something
mechanical? I said, this problem occurs print preview too.
Not only at the paper.


Click on the properties of printout and remove all layer, then add only top layer and multilayer to print the top side or bottom layer and multilayer if you want print the bottom layer. I have the same problem if i don't remove top overlay layer.
Good luck!

I think the quickest thing to do is to wipe off ur protel99se and re-install it. Don't forget to save ur user files.

Re: P*otel

Sobakava said:
What do you mean with "calibrating printer" ? Is it something
mechanical? I said, this problem occurs print preview too.
Not only at the paper.


Ok open any routed pcb example and check if you have the same problem in "print preview" because this problem maybe to be being whit the exesive routed track in the same net.


i got the same problem last week. but once i remove the default driver and install the driver downloaded from HP (i am using HP laserjet 6L PCL), everything is solved.

I have still same problem. Now I've HP LaserJET 1300. I installed latest drivers, I tried both PCL6 and PS drivers but result is same.

I am trying to print .50 QFP package footprint but tracks and pads are shifted.

It looks fine in PCB editor but it is shifted in Print Preview and paper.

I moved to Protel DXP. Same problem exists...

Anyone has idea on this?

It is more than likely a bug in the rendering of the print image from the PCB file and nothing to do with the printer. I did a test board and it was the same. The error is present in the print preview image and any printer driver will just reproduce it.

After a bit more trial and error work, It looks like the parts (pads) objects are rendered before the others like tracks etc, and then made up as a composite.

I would suggest making the greber data, import it to Camtastic and then print a composite image from there.

This would be quicker than fising the Protel issue.


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