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Problem with creating BOM in Altium

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May 23, 2004
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I have been using DXP some years now and I now use Altium Desinger had no trouble in creating BOM befroe that was laid out like this

Quantity: References Value
8 R1, R3-R8, R13 100k
1 R2 330
2 R9, R10 470
1 R11 15K/2W
1 R14 220
1 R15 470R
6 R16-R21 180

I really never created a BOM in Altium before but I need to now but the trouble I'm getting is it looks like this
R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17 100k,330, and it jsut give the Quantity has say 14

the thing is I've have seemed to try everything to sort it but seem to get no where

anybody got and ideas how to correct it or has it changed in designer ?



Re: BOM in altium

The BOM in Altium Designer will not hypenate values (i.e. R1-R11). It lists them either one per line, or individually.

You can set up the format you want by going to Reports-Project Reports-Bill of Materials. The dialog that comes up allows you to customize the report any way you want. To group items, you drag the name of the parameter from the bottom left box of the dialog to the top left box. To ungroup, you do the opposite. To display particular parameters, you check the box next to the parameter. To rearrange the columns you drag and drop them where you want. To sort the columns, you click on the top of the column.

The output type (text, Excel, etc.) is selected in the box at the bottom left of the dialog. "Export" causes the report to be saved. You can use pre-existing Excel templates for the data format if you like - the selection is made at the bottom right of the dialog. All of the above is explained in the help document included with your installation (TU0104 Generating a Custom Bill of Materials.pdf).
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