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problem with 180 hybride coupler in ADS ?

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please indicate the impedances and the output and input arms I mean the impedance for each stub in your design so I may check for u:lol:

:cool:z= 50 ohm

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:cool:70.7 ohm

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this is the output I got which totally wrong

send me your other S parameters and check your substarte definistion think it is not the design mostly it is the way you defined the design and make the length of the outouts all L=50mil for all outputs later you can convert to 200mil if you wnat

1-check your ports u should have VSWR something between 1.4-1.027
2-send me the pic of the other S parameters

3-Chang your design by changing only the impedances of the circle if you have the same results then definitely it is a matter of definitions in design

I did not understand this one "1-check your ports u should have VSWR something between 1.4-1.027"
and what is the impedance of the circle

i ment check you input and output ports are they correct
I ment instead of putting 70 ohm make it another number for all the four stabs and the bends (Tee 1 tee2 tee3 tee4 qadn curve 1 curve 2 curve 3 curve 4)but do not change the output ports impedance and see will there be any difference
and send me your S22 S33 S44 S12 S13 S23 S34 to see are they the same in error
what is your center frequency and the expected frequency range of the ratrace devider you are designing?

. I will try to change the impedance for ports now . I want to have a center frequency at 3 GHz but I dun know how to do it in ADS

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may you check the angles I used in curve whether they maybe Not correct ?

can u please make the pic high resolution it is not clear for me

CHECK IT plz , plz keep in mind im new


  • S12.JPG
    67.8 KB · Views: 54

check curve 3 it has W=39.2 it should be 39 but the angle is 180 and the other curves are 00 angle .....

but the angle is 180 and the other curves are 00 angle ..? the angel of others curves should be zero or not

It should be all symetrical you can check by veiewing the layout if it is symetrical,

this is the layout ,


  • layout.JPG
    206.1 KB · Views: 63

So you have one half of the circle correct and the other half wrong, means the half circle you are seeing in the layout you should make another correct half on the other side
and also the outputs and inputs terminals have wrong positions but now only correct the circle because the ports might be wright if you make the other half fo the circle correct

so check the half circle that appears in the layout corresponds to which curve you have in the schematice and then make the other two in the same way, think the wrong two are because of the angles if the correct two curves correspond to the 00 and 180 any way check

what about this Now~?


  • 1.JPG
    430.1 KB · Views: 72

may u tell me when I simulate the layout i have this red boxes I already circle and boxed them . may u tell me what is that meant


  • 2.JPG
    191.7 KB · Views: 57

what is the simulation output now do have any output?

I did not work on this software so check if you have a place that gives you an error report or some thing like that

I have no error at all ,however, the result still the same

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