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Porting DSP/BIOS application from RAM to FLASH on F2812

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Jan 24, 2006
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Hi experts,

I’m developing an application on F2812 using DSP/BIOS and my program run well on RAM. Now I try to write my application to FLASH, I did it base on the SPRA958F document from TI and I met this problem:
After loading into flash, my program look runs well. But when I start communicate with other devices though the SCI and McBSP, the program hangs when I send and receive data at the high speed and it always hang at this address:
3D8772 FXN_F_selfLoop, src/fxn/fxn.s28:107:109$:
3D8772 6F00 SB FXN_F_selfLoop,UNC.

Is there anyone met the same problem like me and how can I solve it?

I guess my problem happen because the speed of FLASH does not fast enough to run the DSP/BIOS kernel code at the high speed (at that time there are up to 4 interrupts happen continuously). I checked in the map file, it show that the FXN_F_selfLoop stay in the .bios sections so I tried to move .bios section from FLASH to RAM at the runtime and execute those codes from RAM. But I can not move this section to RAM, the program hang after the FLASH writer finish. Before I success move .econsts section into RAM but with the .bios section, I can not.

How can I move entire DSP/BIOS kernel such as .bios .rtdx sections from FLASH to RAM at the run time and execute those codes from RAM?

Thank you very much for your help.

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