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pic pwm duty is inaccurate

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May 1, 2013
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i am using a code which takes frequency and dutycycle and give the pulse.frequency works fine (accurate) but duty doesnt always give correct output. i.e if a enter 50 as duty cycle then it will give accurate duty cycle and when i choose 80,it will give 80% duty but when i want 10,20 or 25 then it gives wrong duty but accurate frequency.pwm is the part which i cant figure so far.i know the equations but when i write them it gives errors.i am attaching the code,kindly have a look at it.i will be very thankful.the trouble lies in PWM_Set_Duty function which i am unable to figure out.or kindly give me a pwm function for fixed 25khz frequency and variable duty cycle.i will be very thankful

#include <pic.h>
#include <htc.h>
#define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 
void PWM_Init(float frequency,unsigned char timer_prescalar);
void PWM_Set_Duty(unsigned char duty_cycle,unsigned char timer_presclar);
void PWM_Stop();

unsigned char i=0;
unsigned char flag = 0;
unsigned int value;
void main()
unsigned short duty1=20;
unsigned char TimerPrescalar=4;

void PWM_Init(float frequency,unsigned char timer_prescalar)

float temp;
TRISC2 = 0;

temp = _XTAL_FREQ/frequency;
temp = temp/4;
temp = temp/timer_prescalar;
PR2 = (unsigned char)(temp);
PR2 = PR2-1;
CCPR1L = 0x00;
CCP1CON = 0x0C; //Set Zero Percent Duty Cycle Initially
TRISC2 = 0; 
if(timer_prescalar == 1)
T2CON = 0b00000100; 
else if(timer_prescalar == 4)
T2CON = 0b00000101; 
else if(timer_prescalar == 16)
T2CON = 0b00000111; 
void PWM_Set_Duty(unsigned char duty_cycle,unsigned char timer_prescalar)
unsigned int register_value;
float frequency;

frequency = (_XTAL_FREQ/4);
frequency = (frequency/timer_prescalar);
frequency = (frequency/(PR2+1)); //Frequency of PWM Signal

frequency = (frequency*100)/(duty_cycle);

register_value = (_XTAL_FREQ)/(unsigned int)frequency;
register_value = (register_value/timer_prescalar);

CCPR1L = (register_value>>2);
register_value = register_value & 0x03;
CCP1CON = CCP1CON | (register_value<<4);

You neither mentioned the PIC type nor the compiler version which makes it hard to give specific help.

i am using mplab 8 and pic 16f877a pic microcontroller.soory i forgot to in hurry.

The problem is that frequency is greater than unsigned int range in this line
register_value = (_XTAL_FREQ)/(unsigned int)frequency;

- - - Updated - - -

Your code is rather long winded, the problem can be solved much more easily.

void PWM_Set_Duty(unsigned char duty_cycle)
unsigned int register_value;
register_value = (long)(PR2+1)*duty_cycle/25; 
CCPR1L = (register_value>>2);
CCP1CON = CCP1CON & 0xf | (register_value & 3)<<4;

Thankyou so much sir,helped me alot :)
its working on proteus and will try on hardware.a big thank you.

it would be a great help if you can provide a general and much simpler code which takes frequency and duty cycle.i want 25khz frequency and 0-100% duty would help me avoiding mistakes which was in my code.

Try the attached project. Use a Frequency counter to check the PWM frequency. It should be near or equal to 25 KHz. ADC value varies from 0 to 1023 and PWM duty depends upon adc value. PWM duty can be 0 to 100 %. adcValue is scaled and mapped to pwm duty.

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The attached project doesn't answer the question because it uses (I guess mikroC) built-in functions to operate the PWM unit instead of genuine C code.

Yes. I know but I can only help with mikroC code.

i am using mplab to code my project.anyways you people are a great help :)
thank you so much for your kind replies.appreciate it :)

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