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pic 18f4550 programer

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Apr 23, 2011
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hi all
i hope there is some one can help me
i want to build a 18f4550 programer and i search by google and find many things that make me un sure for what i have to do becuse i,m do not have previous knowlge if any one can provide me with simple schmetic of 18f4550 programmer or link pleza....

see this link

**broken link removed**

Hope It Helps


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Here's a nice tutorial on how to build and use the MCU Hobby PICkit2:

**broken link removed**

Also the Explorer 16 has an auxiliary 18F4550 which can be programmed as a PICkit 2, together with the Explorer 16 Schematic, available on Microchip website, should give you some valuable insight.

**broken link removed**
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@ bigdogguru good tutorial. I appreciate.


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hi all...thanx for help
i read the artiacl and realy it is usefull and give me some information about the process..... but some pic like 18f2550 are not found in my home and it is no way to bay it
so if there a more simple circuit.......and i need it just for for 18f4550 plz and thanx again

I wouldn't sweat finding a 18F2550 programmer example you consider workable.

The code for a 18F2550 will run with little or no modification on a 18F4550.

The both have the same amount of memories, flash, ram, etc, the only difference is the 18F4550 has more features, primarily ADCs and it's a 40 pin package.

Checkout this thread for PICKit Ideas, especially the JuneBug:

PICkit 2" DIY(Do It Yourself) fans

At worst, you may have to move an input/output to a different pin.

You may choose a serial port programmer like a JDM programmer or USB based programmer like the GTP usb lite, Plus, June bug or the Pickit 2lite. All will work fine for a 18F4550. Every programmer is discussed here in eda before. Just have a search.

ok i will tell you what i,m understode and yo tell me if there are any wrong
1-firse i have to build jdm and pickit2 circuit
2-thene i will install the firmware by jdm(programmer to program a programmer) into pic18f4550 or 18f2550 any one becuse there is no different between as you sead,and Suppose i install firmware into pic18f4550
3-after that i plug the pic18f4550 into pickit2,and here is the complet programmer that i will connect it to computer by usb
thene i can programm any pic18
tell me uf there any wwrong in these

Yes, your procedure is correct.

Go ahead and do it..

i,m search for jdm and pickit2 schmetic but there are many of it and i,m can,t decide which one
so if any one have some schmetic...............pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

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