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PIC 16F84 vs. 16F627 / 16F628

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pic16f84 vs pic16f628

I fully agree with "Me" !!!

It's also a good trip to leave 12C509 and use 12F629/675 !!

8 pin and 18pin 18Fxxxx are also coming...... You can get
some of them as free samples.


16f627 16f628

Hi me,

I would recommend to use PIC 16F818 or 16F819 instead of 16F84/627/628. They are cheaper and better pin compatible replacements for 16F84/627/628.

Chek pdf on for 16F818/819

Chek price on digikey
16F628 ... 3.88$
16F819 ... 3.7 $

you get plus:
-5 ADC 10 bits
-Internall oscilator on 8MHz

Warning sent, attachment deleted

5) is the 16f84 compatible with the 16f628?

Thanks, but please don't upload data sheets that can be downloaded from hxxp:// for free. It only uses unnessasary bandwidt on elektroda. Just post the link instead!

Here's the link for PIC16F819 Device: hxxp://

Direct download: hxxp://

12f629 vs 16f628

16F627A/628A 20MHZ is still cheaper than 16F818/9. 16F627A/628A is the successor for 16F627/628.

Chek price on digikey
16F628 ... 3.63$ (4 MHz) 1024 words FLASH
16F628 ... 3.88$ (20 MHz) 2048 words FLASH
16F627A ... 2.70$ (20 MHz) 1024 words FLASH
16F628A ... 3.05$ (20 MHz) 2048 words FLASH
16F648A ... 3.48$ (20 MHz) 4096 words FLASH
16F818 ... 3.25 $ (20 MHz) 1024 words FLASH
16F819 ... 3.7 $ (20 MHz) 2048 words FLASH
16F84A ... 5.63 $ (4 MHz) 1024 words FLASH
16F84A ... 6.00 $ (20 MHz) 1024 words FLASH

So if you don't need the extra features on 16F818/9 you should buy 16F627A/628A/648A.

successor pic16f84a


I am a big fan of microchip and i agree with ME that why not use these good chips in our design, other news is that a microchip person told me that they are going to discontinue the pic 16f84a at the end of this year
lot of many good advantage against the f84a, 2k mem pwm , suart
ana compator,

altough instruction set look like a f84a insteed some diffrence


16f628 vs 627

Which programmer supports 16F628A or 16F627A? I am considering PicPro 2 + IC Prog, but I am not sure their compatibilty with these 'A' version chips

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