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PCB prototyping machine

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Feb 5, 2002
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pcb prototype machine

I have seen small CNC milling machines making PCB prototypes for single layer PCB's. The results were quite good.

Can anyone point to the supplier of such a machine.



pcb prototyping machine


Check this website out for plans on building an inexpensive PCB machine. I purchased the plans for the 'Brute' model and was not disappointed.
:idea: **broken link removed** :idea:


pcb prototyping japanese machine

can you post these plans ?

lpkf protoma


Last year I saw some ad's at elektor-journal. Complete Machines but only for drilling. Costs about 3000 Euro (obviously from a small company).


brute cnc pcb

Check out this $2195 CNC milling. I guess it should be able to do PCB prototyping in addition to a lot of other stuff.

I think any good CNC milling machine can do a PCB prototype. Why then pay $10,000 for a machine which has PCB written on it. Why not buy a good general purpose desktop CNC milling like above


taig cnc pcb prototype

hi Techie,

i used LPKF's machine several times and it is a big difference then ordinary CNC. IMHO the main difference is the Z axis ... yoy have only 2 positions with pcb machine 1 extracting copper and other not extracting. They are using special setup to get exact vetical position of the drill. This can not be done with such precisness with ordinary CNC. Therefore i do not suggest to use ordinary cnc with precise prototyping



roland mdx 20 for pcb

techie said:
I have seen small CNC milling machines making PCB prototypes for single layer PCB's. The results were quite good.
Can anyone point to the supplier of such a machine.
thanks techie

My design good working. I will begin the commercial model.

lpfk pcb milling

**broken link removed**


pcb prototype netherlands

Above I've posted a link for CNC Milling machine from Taig Tools.
Then I realized, that making PCB using a mill isn't probably
the best method. If you are from Poland, you shouldn't have
problem with czech language (well, I'm just guessing).

**broken link removed**
is in my opinion the best (because simple and relatively fast)
PCB making procedure I've ever seen.

Have fun.


cnc pcb machine

Best result with LPKF modified with Z control .

pcb prototype machine turkey

How much does the LPFK machine cost.

use modela mdx 20 to drill pcb holes

It is worth looking at the Roland Modela 3D mills. I got one on an auction for about $1500 and I use it to mill and drill all my proto pcb's

You need the software PCB Design and Make by the same guys that supply PCB Wizard. This program will allow you to output single and double sided thru-hole layouts to the mill. You can't do surface mount with this SW but I found a way around it by using a combination of C@mtastic and PC paint.

I use the MDX-15. Look at
for specs. These machines sell new for under $3000, much cheaper than most other milling machines.

I use mine all the time and not just for PCB's. You are limited to 6" X 4" board size.


lpfk machine

1009 BGS 60 Verfahrweg 320 x 150 x 50 mm 662,93 € 769,00 €
1001 BGS100 Verfahrweg 295 x 295 x 50 mm 1119,82 € 1.299,00 €
1002 BGS100/D Verfahrweg 295 x 145 x 50 mm 1146,55 € 1.330,00 €
1003 BGS200 Verfahrweg 435 x 295 x 50 mm 1.197,42 € 1.389,01 €
1004 BGS200/D Verfahrweg 435 x 145 x 50 mm 1.219,82 € 1.415,00 €
1005 BGS300 Verfahrweg 435 x 435 x 50 mm 1.258,62 € 1.460,00 €
1006 BGS300/D Verfahrweg 435 x 295 x 50 mm 1.309,47 € 1.518,99 €
1007 BGS400 Verfahrweg 600 x 295 x 50 mm 1.719,82 € 1.995,00 €
1008 BGS500 Verfahrweg 600 x 435 x 50 mm 1.956,89 € 2.270,00 €

do pcb with roland mdx 20

Hello, can I control Z axis in LPKF ? How could I do this ?

Regarding Prototype machines, I've a M60 with plating system (auto contact II). The machine is vere good, but auto contact I didn't like, it let some holes with a high resistence inter layers.
I've a multipress (up to 6 layers) system and it's works good, but you loose a lot of time to setup and during process. You need to be quite good in handworking ...



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