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PCB prototype manufacturer

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Mar 14, 2002
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andrew scerbina

I have found these two PCB prototype manufacturer and I would like to know if there is any other (cheaper/better) manufacturer within the EU :?:

**broken link removed**

Thanks in advance, ME

look at:

**broken link removed**

radej said:
look at:

**broken link removed**

I can't seem to find any price for prototype boards.
What is the price?

One funny thing, try to click at the "Other" link in the upper right corner of the site :D

I pay for double side:

1pcs 7 Eur/dm2 with solder mask and white print
2-3pcs 6 Eur/dm2
4-5pcs 5 Eur/dm2

Look at (expensive, but fast and good technology)
and finally see attached. I'm not sure if this table is up to date, but at least this is a key.

radej, is it really true .... 1pcs 7 Eur/dm2 with solder mask and white print ??
This is so cheap. What about the quality?

A cheaper alternative to pcb-pool is

have a look


Cheap is never better.
I needed a PCB doing and I took it to a local PCB manufacturer.

1- I am supporting the industry in my locality.
2- They gave me lots of advice before and after for the design to be easy to manufacture.
3- I can just drive there in 30 minutes and sort out any problem.

Where ever you live, you have a duty to look after your own crowd.

I have tried to ask for prices locally, it's way too expensive for hobby use.

If the prices radej wrote are true, then
**broken link removed** is buy far the cheapest manufactor. But I have my doubts this is true. radej have never answered to this. seems to be the second cheapest suggestion even though I have to add 25% VAT because bulgaria is not a member of the EU.

Hi junglejenny

It is true that the cheapest PCB are better. If I want to produce in series it is true that a local manufactures is the better way. Even if it costs more.
But I thought we are talking about hobby PCBs. In this case I do not want to pay one time costs and service for one PCB. So I am only intrested in pool production.

to all other:

I found a pool service wich is able to do up to 8 Layer PCBs in POOL.
**broken link removed**


PCB prototype manufacturer in Asia?

Hi all,

Does anybody have info on PCB prototype manufacturer in Asia or (southeast asia)?


I CAN HELP. Please email me your requirements and I will get you the price. Don't forget to include your country, which is necessory for shipping cost calculations. Supplier will be from south Asia.

BenKropp said:
radej, is it really true .... 1pcs 7 Eur/dm2 with solder mask and white print ??
This is so cheap. What about the quality?

Hi Ben,
Radej just forgot to write that this price doesn't include phototools, and etc. Eur 100 setup charge they ask for each new board
At least this is what I have been asked to pay for when I asked for quotation.

Best regards

Try the manufactures in China.

I tried to get some double-sided PCB's with silk-screen made at This is the cheapest manufacturer I found. It is even cheaper the the pool PCB manufactures.
They are very cheap and there is no extra taxes when you order from within the EU eventhough Bulgaria is not a part of the EU.
The quality is ok, next time I need some PCB's I will order from olimex again.

Thanks for the link Topper and everyone else. I asked for a cheap manufacturer because the PCB's are only for hobby use, so the price matters. But the PCB's from Olimex are good enough for professional prototyping too and they are the cheapest I found in Europe.

If anyone is interested in small quantities of good PCBs from India at resonable prices, PM me.


yes Mitkou, that's what I was told too. I guess they got many requests :)

Anyway, I need a cheap manufacturer for a multilayer prototype (4 Layers) The best price I have now is 99€ /dm2, no additional costs, electrical tests included.
Is there a cheaper one, preferably located in Europe ( or anywhere else if they don't charge the hell for delivery)

hi BenKropp,
this link 'h**p://' lists mainly pcp manufacturer in germany. a friend recently used ''. you get 1.00 dm² <= PCB < 1.25 dm² for about € 50 with good quality.

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