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PCB manufacturing by printing webs with a conductive material (school assignment)

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May 29, 2019
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In addition to etching and milling PCBs, there is nowadays also a technique for manufacturing PCBs by printing webs with a conductive material on a carrier, this is what my teacher said but i cant find any machine that does this and offcourse im a beginner, can someone pls help me bij just give a machine that does this, only the machine name is enough for me,

thanks in advance!!

about 30 years ago, i worked on a project where the prime contractor built a few boards (about 25 cm by 25 cm)
using a small gauge wire run point to point on a "sticky" substrate
they coated it with some sort of epoxy(?) like stuff so it looked like a PWB
they then drilled holes for all the leads of all the components and soldered in the components.

the drilled holes cut through all the wires at a pin, exposing the wire to the pin and the solder
worked fine

how much do you think a pcb cost with the usage of conductive inkt?

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how much would a pcb cost with the usage of condutive inkt? do you know it?

It looks like Voltera has a online store and the ink is $99 and it says it can print ~85 simple boards.

They also have a "starter kit" that appears to come with ink, the printer, solder paste, and various other stuff. Looks like enough to make a small number of PCBs.
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