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[PCB][Layout Designing]

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May 17, 2011
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I have been able to complete the Circuit designing part for my project.I have also got the output building the circuit on the breadboard.

Now,I want to have this things done on a self made board.
I have been searching the Internet for guidance but nothing has till now helped me.

What i wanted to know is
1.Is it possible for us to build one at home all by our-self.
2. what is the design tools that we require.
3. after the designing of the circuit what is the procedure for having it built on a copper clad

you can do that in home using any evaluation tool like orcad ,altium..

You have to contact some PCB manufacturer for fabrication of your PCB. normal small board can be done in home only..that procedure you will get in Google..

You might investigate ExpressPCB if you have a simple design that will work on a few layers of FR4. They use a proprietary program which is free to download and use, and it interfaces directly with their system to place orders. I've used it a few times in my undergrad, but since my trade is EE, I use the big-name programs at work to do my layouts now. The crummy part is that you can't export ExpressPCB files to regular formats like DXF, GDSII, Gerber, etc.

Altium is a good software package to do PCB layout and routing. It will export files in standard formats that any regular PCB manufacturer can use (Gerber, DXF, etc). The trick is finding a copy...

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