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Patch antenna using Liquid Crystal substrate in HFSS

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Apr 26, 2011
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Hello all,
I am glad to join this forum. I would like to know how I can simulate patch antenna over Liquid Crystal substrate. I am interested to simulate in HFSS. Any suggesstion,Idea, Design guide or Tutorial would be of great help. I would greatly appreciate all your suggesstions. Kindly help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hi sagaranoop014,
Patch antenna over LCP (liquid crystal polymer) seems to be quite interesting. I am sorry i dont have idea, perhaps some Microwave and EM simulation experts in EDA board may help you...
i think no body simulate microstrip patch antenna in hfss using liquid crystal substrate
thats y no rply ......i hope some body help me .....

What is your purpose? Are you trying to use the LCD to somehow modulate the antenna function, or are you just putting an antenna in proximity to a LCD display?

I had to work close to an LCD display with a monopole antenna once for use in shopping cart handles. There are two types of LCDs: one has a big metal shield on the back, the other does not. So start with figuring out how much metal is in there. For RF purposes, you would want one without much metal in the design, as it detunes an antenna's resonant frequency.

I am not aware of any strong interaction between an LCD and microwaves other than high power microwaves can "activate" the LCD material. I have seen papers on a sheet of LCD being used to find microwave radiation "hot spots". So there is a visual indication, but I do not think the LCD modifies the microwaves much.

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Thanks biff44 for replying

I was trying to simulate tunable microstrip patch antenna using liquid crystal polymer
Substrate to achieve tunability. By applying external biasing to substarate we can achieve this
But I don't no how I can apply external biasing to substrate.

Thank you

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is it possible in ansoft hfss ? How I can bias substrate in ansoft hfss?


Hi let me guess,
you are designing patch antenna over Liquid Crystal Polymer.
you would be biasing the LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) Based on bias, the orientation of the liquid crystal molecules of substrate will change, It would greatly affect the dielectric constant of substrate.
I think you are interested in exploiting this property.
thank u Mr. S vinoth
You wrote exactly what i want in hfss, can u help me regarding this problem.

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