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newbie - i need help!!!

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Jan 1, 2006
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happy new year to EDAboard and everybody!!!!

i'm completly new to this electronics stuff and need help from u pro's.

i need to get a transformer. on the parts list it is written like this:

10) T1: miniature audio transfomer
200k to 1k ct input

Does any1 know where i can get this? i can't seem to find one anywhere. And how much would one roughly cost?

i need help with this item on the parts list.
4) Q1: tip 31 - what is this? is it a transistor? also, why does the diagram show Q1 and then the letters B,C & E on the connecting lines? what do they stand for?

thanx for any1 that can help.

It sounds like you are looking at an old audio amplifier construction project. Maybe if you tell us more about the project, someone here can sugget a modern circuit with higher performance and lower-cost easier-to-find parts.

You can buy a transformer something like that from DigiKey, but the specs you give are not sufficient to fully specify a coupling transformer, so beware of potential problems. Search for Tamura MET-01. It costs around $15 US at DigiKey:

The TIP31 is an old Texas Instruments Power transistor. Other companies make them now. You can buy them from DigiKey:

B-C-E means base-collector-emitter.

i know what this boy are making... is making a stun gun... so the transformer that you for low danger some person that dont know anything about electronic making one... -.-'

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