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Neeeeeeeeeed Help regarding MPLAB software

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Dec 7, 2005
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can anybody write this program for me i would really appreciate it ...:D

here is the question

In this part, we are going to use the A/D converter of the PIC to accept two different analogue signals coming from two different boards. Each input voltage will be taken from the board potentiometer. Then depending on the value of the difference between the two input voltages, an LED will light indicating the range of voltage it represents. Make sure to connect the grounds of both boards together.

The program should be able to continuously accept two analogue values from the two board potentiometers and perform the following actions depending on the digital representation of the analogue Difference voltage:

Difference Voltage Range Action by the microcontroller
0-1.8 Volts Light LED5 on the board only
1.8-3.2 Volts Light LED4 on the board only
3.2-4.1 Volts Light LED3 on the board only
4.1-5 Volts Blink LED2 on the board Only with a frequency of 1 Hz

You are free to choose whatever method you like to perform the above actions. BUT note that you are required to use the full 10 bit digital result of the A/D in your program.

Nobody is going to do your homework for you!

Have a go at it, and if you get stuck - ask questions.
I'm certain people will try to help if you ask questions about how to get past any problems you come across.

a good farmer gathers the last harvest seed

this is natural so gather sources
in .asm and .c.h diverse language and study from sturture as per datasheet and i/ register or reactive literal facet {a function in c} config

best to gather info like a farmer does and sow new seed based on readings and teachings and study of data sheets
first in block's like
learn adc
learn psp
learn serial
learn i2c
look for each document you need
in turn and be as precise and indent as posible

the universe expects it of you

the best way of all like any language is learn them in groups
sets or literal sets


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