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I need help building Yocto (poky) for a specific HW/Target > Licheepi Zero Dock (Allwinner V3S)

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Dec 29, 2017
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Hello everyone,

My first exposure to Linux build systems was almost 3 months ago, when I got the Licheepi Zero Dock board. For those who are not familiar with this board, you can see it here: LicheePi Official website

I had no problem getting familiar with the toolchain and building/burning bootable SD card images to the board. So far, buildroot was the easiest for me among all other available paths. I played also with device tree files, added/removed support for certain peripherals. Of course, I spent a considerable time trying to gather as much info as possible about development tools for this board from variety of websites and discussion forums, most of which are Chinese.

I still have some questions regarding device tree, overlays, and many others. Unfortunately, there seems to be no active discussion about this board or the V3s anywhere across the Internet.

I found this github repository: click here, that shows how to build SD image for the Licheepi in Yocto with QT support. Well, Yocto seems very strange to me and its learning curve is very steep. Yocto is based on OpenEmbedded, and the latter is also a stand alone build system. Meta data, meta-bsp, recipes, layers, machines, all of these seem strange to me. Where device tree files reside in Yocto? Where you can customize the build and add/remove packages, drivers, etc? Is there any equivalent to Make menuconfig for kernel, u-boot, and rootfs?

I used the above github repository as a reference for two reasons. First, it uses Yocto to build image for my target hardware. Second, it has QT support, which might help me learn to do the same for another GUI library. For now, I do not need QT in my build. All I need to do is to be able to build an image for the Licheepi Dock using Yocto.

My Ubuntu box is ready with all tools/packages already installed. I followed the instructions to build the image from the repository. The first command took several hours to complete and it has completed all tasks successfully. (bitbake console-image). Second command (bitbake qt5-image) failed with the following error:


Like I said earlier, I do not need QT for this build. However, I would like to know how to add an external library to the build and a custom application. As far as I know, Yocto is Eclipse ready. Could someone please tell me how to use Eclipse IDE to build project and add support for certain libraries? Again, I used the above github repository as a starting point and reference for discussion. It's not necessary I would do the same.

Thanks for your time!


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