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Need source code of WDM driver for PCI device

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Dec 11, 2001
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pci driver source code

Share it, please


wdm pci source code

Go to where you can download a sample WDM-compliant busmaster DMA PCI driver for the AMCC S5930.

wdm pci driver example

Thank you for your link. I have download this example.
Do you have links to WDM development resources ?
As I feel I need more information than DDK.

Many thanks

windows 7 pci driver source code for devices

I think there is one more samples at Microsoft website. Please search the DDK support. For WinNT4, go to

I had spent lots of time trying to searching for information last time when I tried to write a simple WinNT PCI device driver. However, at the end, I gave up searching but instead bought some books.

I would recommend "Developing Windows NT Device Drivers: A Programmer's Handbook" by Edward N. Dekker, Joseph M. Newcomer
and also the one from

I am definitely not an expect in device driver. However, as far as I know, most procedures are 'standard', especially when loading and unloading the device driver, searching for your own device etc. So, some 'cut-and-paste' would do. You may need some sort of resource allocate functions (the 1st book contains the code if i have not mistaken). Dynamic resource allocation is harder than static. So, if possible, use static allocation. Then if you will know all the memory locations before doing any read/write operations. The drawback is waste of resources.

Anyway, good luck. Sorry i cant help much

windows pci driver source code

Does anybody have a link on where to download Windows XP DDK from Microsoft? Or does anyone have it and would be willing to share.

- Jayson

windows driver model ndis wdm


I have /j/u\/n/g/o// softwares version 5.02 serials if you want please pm me!

See the chips and developments tools (HW,SW) of p/l/x:



ddk sample driver for pci

I also suggest you to use "Driver Studio" to develop WDM software.
it is easy to debug.

NuMega Driver Studio

FTP Address: or
User Name: exetools
Password: member
Port: 21

pci driver source

Driver Studio required the Microsoft DDK.

Does anyone have the Microsoft DDK (which can't be downloaded from Microsoft directly).

- Jayson

sample wdm driver

**broken link removed**

for some information. :oops:

windows driver model source

ReGet Deluxe 3.1 (build 143)
Info 160 19:29:48 26.9.2002 Opening
Info 161 19:29:48 26.9.2002 Connecting to (
Input 162 19:29:50 26.9.2002 220 ProFTPD 1.2.6 Server (Lightning-Bolt) [lightning-bolt]
Output 163 19:29:50 26.9.2002 USER *****
Input 164 19:29:50 26.9.2002 331 Password required for exetools.
Output 165 19:29:50 26.9.2002 PASS *****
Input 166 19:29:50 26.9.2002 530 Login incorrect.
User name or pass are not correct :( :?

windows driver source code

This user/password was valid in past . But several months ago , it became obsoleted since then .

pci windows driver source code

I have this ebook :
Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model
Oney, Walter.
MS Press
PM if you want it
ps (covers win2000)

simple pci device wdm driver

Thanks to All !
We had just designed our driver using Numega- it works fine. Windiver based driver had crashed at high IRQ rate (50 mks.)


sample to use dma in pci windows driver

Because i cant email this book if anybody wants go to
and you can download it fro ther
ps filename

sample pci device


Thanks dirace it's really usefull staff.

Does anyone have the books or sources for Ndis drivers ?

Regards, Jackal.

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