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Need help on Functional verification Sign off criteria

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Sep 13, 2005
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Hi All,

In a directed testcase environment with no support for functional coverage embedded in the verification environment.what are the criteria that needs to be considered for sign off of functional verification of a chip.

The functional coverage is done manual in my case.having said that how to make sure that the verification engineer has tried to cover all the features nothing is missed out from the specs.

Plan is to look at code coverage.In code coverage what all needs to be covered and what will be the percentage to expect from the verification engineer.

apart from code coverage is there any other method to measure and analyze the verification missing out features,other than implementing functional coverage which is not an option now as all the test cases are directed.

even if I implement, the functional coverage will show me 100% as everything is directed test cases it will be covered as there is no support for randomization becasue these are legacy environment.

Is there a method where the management could get the confidence in sign off the verification in the above mentioned test environment.

Please suggest me what all or how to sign off functional verification in a directed test environment can be done and catch if there are any missed out or untested RTL.

In advance I thank for all your valuable inputs.

Thanks and regards,

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