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Need help in OrCAD layout Plus - Track width

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Jan 18, 2011
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I Have created a track with different segments in OrCAD layout Plus 16.2
I have my one track in five segment. Starting from 300micron, 200 micron, 100 micron, 75 micron and 35 micron. I have created this but it looks not good at edges due to different size of segments on track.

Is there any way I can create my track with smooth edges so that I cant see that changes in size and it look a single segment though its 5 segment inside?

hope you understand what my question is. If you want more information feel free to ask.


can u share jpeg of that one i can share my idea...
Hi all,

I am also facing the same problem. In my design I need a track with its width changing from 74 mils to 10 mils. But it doesn't look good at the point where the width change happens. My question is, is it possible in orcad layout to provide a gradual change of the track width along the track rather than a sudden one?

Thanks in advance,

No, nor in any PCB package, tracks will neck down asthey are plotted (and this is the gerber style of plotting). The only way for the first post is to draw a copper polygon or pour.
Why do you require this shape,out of couriosity.
74 to 10 mils is a big change, again why the big step.
Thanks marce for the reply.

I am designing an RF PCB in which some signal traces need 50 ohms impedance matching. For this I had to use 74 mils track width with the manufacturing info I have. But the ICs in my board are very small(3X3 millimeter sq) and the pin pads are of 10 mils. So, near the IC I have to change the track width from 74 to 10 mils.

The point at which the transition from 74 mils to 10 mils happens now has a round neck. Can Copper polygon be used to change this shape to a more smooth one (gradual change)?


Yes or draw a copper shape to overlay the transition from 74 to 10 mil.
They can be a pain the small rf chips, I,ve used one that was a 0.5mm pitch BGA!!!

Thanks marce.
Could draw a polygon for smoothing the transition.

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