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looking a free verilog simulator

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Dec 26, 2005
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free verilog simulator

looking a free verilog simulator? any recommendation?

silos iii verilog simulator download

what else, i also need to watch waveform, is there any graphical ?

icarus verilog simulator modelsim

Hey I used VHDL ... I think you can find verilog simulator on altera website... you can alwasy get student version and test it out..

and yeah studnet version are alwasy free:D

I am not sure what you exatcly mean by graphical but you can do simulation on max2plus and see the graphical wave form output based on you input.. if I am wrong.. masters can fix me there


free verilog simulation

to watch the waveform you can use gtkwave; there are two versions, 1.8X and 2.XX. get 1.8x as it's more stable and written by the original authoer.

verilator pli support

thank u all for ur help...

i wud like to ask for question not so related:

is there any english dictionery for fc4 ?

free verilog simulator linux

There are student versions available from ModelSim. Try them they have a fully graphical front end. Check their web site for download.

i actually have ius and modelsim, but i still feel that silos is the easiest to use, so i still want to keep a latest (i have version 2001) demo copy, if anybody had one please upload.

Hi asueee0,
Some among the other free Verilog simulators are as follows : -

1.) Cver by Pragmatic C Software supports PLI and also includes Dinotrace, a waveform viewer and vcddiff, a program that understands Verilog VCD format.

**broken link removed**

2.) VeriWell Verilog simulator is now an open source project which has support for almost all of the IEEE1364-1995 standard and PLI 1.0.

With Regards,

Take a look at

Verilator is the fastest free Verilog HDL simulator. It compiles synthesizable Verilog (not test-bench code!), plus some PSL, SystemVerilog and Synthesis assertions into C++ or SystemC code. It is designed for large projects where fast simulation performance is of primary concern, and is especially well suited to create executable models of CPUs for embedded software design teams.

Do not download this program if you are expecting a full featured replacement for NC-Verilog, VCS or another commercial Verilog simulator for a little project! Don't get it if you expect a corporate support organization. However, if you are looking for a path to migrate synthesizable Verilog to C++ or SystemC, and writing just a touch of C code and Makefiles doesn't scare you off, this is the free Verilog compiler for you.

Verilator supports the synthesis subset of Verilog, plus initial statements, proper blocking/non-blocking assignments, functions, tasks, multi-dimensional arrays, and signed numbers. It also supports very simple assertions and coverage analysis. Verilator supports the more important Verilog 2001 constructs, with additional constructs and Verilog 2005 support added as users request them. Verilator has been used to simulate for many very large multi-million gate designs with thousands of modules.


Verilator does not simply convert Verilog HDL to C++ or SystemC. Doing so is fairly easy (and was what Verilator did over 5 years ago). Instead, Verilator compiles your code into a much faster optimized model, which is in turn wrapped inside a SystemC module. The results are a model that executes over 10x faster then standalone SystemC.

Verilator is about 100 times faster then interpreted Verilog simulators such as Icarus Verilog. Verilator has about the same performance as the leading commercial Verilog simulators including Modelsim, NC-Verilog, VCS and VTOC, but is free, so you can spend on computes rather then licenses. Thus Verilator gives you more cycles/dollar then anything else available. (If you benchmark Verilator, please see the notes in 'bin/verilator' and also let the author know the results; there may be additional tweaks possible.)

Re: free verilog simulator

You can now run verilog simulations from a web browser using EDA Playground.

It currently supports Icarus Verilog, VeriWell, and GPL Cver, with other simulators promised.

Here is an example of a simple RAM and testbench:

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