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LM320240 Topway LCD Sample Code

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You say that your bitmap is mispositioned in X?
In that case, I would say that the program you used to generate the pixmap
_IS_ compatible with what you want to do. You can correct the X position by
There are myriads of LCDs, therefore myriads of formats.
You will likely never find the program that does exactly what you want.

If you want to move the image, the first thing is to create a function MoveTo
which will position your current write location.
If the display allows it, you can also restrict the drawing area by using a
windowing setting (but again, this depends on the LCD).


yratman said:
Dear All,

I test my LM320240 LCD from Topway using this code i get from manufacturer. I have some question on that:

1. What tool used to convert bitmap to hex for the code. I have tried many tools from internet, but there is nothing compatible with the code. I found FastLCD v1.2.0 that almost compatible, but it do not support 320x240 controller, causing bitmap incorretly positioned at x direction.

2. The code using AT89S52 that has 8KB flash memory. After compiled, the code has 28KB hex. How to download it to AT89S2. Now, i am using flash programmer.

Thanks a lot for any help.

// Shenzhen TOPWAY Technology Co.,Ltd.
// LCD Module: LM320240C (clk ratio=1/4, 10MHz)
// Display Size: 320x240
// Driver/Controller: S1D13700
// Interface: 8080 mode
// by: GuoQ
// Date: 2008-01-26
// System; AT89S52 (12MHz)

#include <stdio.h>
#include <reg52.h>
#include <intrins.h>

#define uchar unsigned char // 0~255
#define uint unsigned int // 0~65535

#define LCDBUS P1
sbit _RES = P3^3;
sbit A0 = P3^5;
sbit _WR = P3^7;
sbit _RD = P3^6;
sbit _CS = P3^4;

[...stuff deleted ...]

//end of program

Not open for further replies.

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