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Layout technique explanation

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Nov 29, 2006
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explanation layout

Hi all

I am drawing my first HF layout ever in 0.13um IBM CMOS and I was wondering if there are any references to read to learn the basic layout techniques.

Thanks a lot

layout of an explanation

The Art of Analog Layout, Alan Hastings.

ibm 0.13um layout

ibm 0.13um has layout pcells.. use virtuoso xl to convert your schematic instances to layout instances

hf layout

JoannesPaulus: Yeah, it is a famous book , may be a bit too much info.
oermens: Yeah, I have done that already, I am just looking for a short list of dos and don'ts, may be a tutorial of how to draw layout in cadence.


explanation technique

If you have never done layout before, you should learn the basic techniques of matching, drawing busses and so on... you do not need to read the full book just the important chapters...

tagalog explanation ng center layout


Do you may be have a reference that explanations how to draw layout in cadence?

high frequency layout technique.

Sadegh.j said:
Do you may be have a reference that explanations how to draw layout in cadence?
Perhaps these lectures are helpful!?

the layout of an explanation

you're doing high frequency layout... this is whats important:

1. differential
2. symmetry
3. symmetry
4. differential

if you can't draw a line down the center of your layout and perfectly split it in half, start over.

lay out for explanation

At HF losses and parasitics are more prevalant.......

avoid using skinny traces..... long running parallel traces near to each other... try; to have as much symmetry as possible....

remaining i can say..... layout is an art of layout artist..cheers....

technique in doing a back layout

About the symmetry, I can understand that the two inputs should basically "see" the same transistors and all, but what if you have several blocks? Is it enough to make each block symmetrical? Or should the whole thing also be symmetrical?

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