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Laser printer for PCB artwork questions

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Nick C.

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Dec 19, 2002
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pcb artwork printing

It's time for a new laser printer. My main use will be
for printing PCB artwork on transparencies and printing
out select ebooks.

1) Since almost all ebooks come in PDF format, would it
be a better idea to select a laser printer that supports
PostScript, or does this not matter anymore? PS printers
tend to be considerably more expensive than PCL printers.

2) Does anyone here have any experience with Samsung
laser printers? The price is great, the consumables aren't
that expensive, and the reviews were favorable. I'm
specifically looking at the 1200 DPI Samsung ML1450.
Does anyone here have any experience with this printer?
I'm wondering if it would be a good choice for my needs
(printing PDF's and transparencies for DIY PCB making).

Thanks for any help gents.

pcb artwork pdf

One thing to consider is if the printer has any errors in the output size, both horizontal and vertical. This could make your borad traces not line up with connectors etc. Copy machines are famous for being a few % off one way or the other.

transparencies laser printer pcb

Almost all laser printers are suitable for printing DIY pcb layout. I use epson EPL5900L and protel for PCB making.

diy pcb laser printer

Postscript printers are more suited for printing PDF files. PCL printers will have to convert embedded fonts to bitmap.

printers for pcb artwork

Most PS printer drivers are also capable to print out negative image, sometime it is useful to make a single side PCB in house.

printing pcb transparencies


I have a LEXMARK Optra E+ .
Excellent for printing pdfs and PCBs.
Any new Laser printer shoud be good.
I would get a cheap one. Try to get the service manual first,then
buy the printer.
If I want to buy a new Laser I woud choose an hp.

Good Luck.

laser pcb printing -toner -ink

HP is best, for printing PCB artwork.

pcb artwork buy

Make sure it will handle postscript(3?) otherwise most PCB printouts will leave jagged edges on bends. Accurate sizing is not so much a problem, as this can be scaled in the program, or sometimes in printer driver.

converting positive pcb artwork to negative

You try to change the OS(winxp), I buy the HP Laserjet L1000, in P*OTEL 99SE in WINME, It print the pcb with some error, but I change the OS winxp, It print well.

printing pcb artwork

Thanks for all the input, gents. One more
question - can anyone recommend a favorite
brand of transparency for use with laser printers?
In the past with my old, old HP I've had problems
with shrinkage. There are so many different brands
available, but at 20-30USD per package, it would
become very expensive to test them all. What works
well for you?

laser printer artwork?


Don't buy a big pack. Ask for a couple of samples.
I prefer using the one's used with fotocopiers.

Also depends where you live ??


pcb diy laser printer transparency

I noticed I had difficulty in achieving enough contrast on my transparensys.
I got round the problem by printing the image twice and laying them on the top of one another for a darker image.

I use a PCL based HP laserjet and have no problem with the rounded corners.

Also you may be interested to know about the new inkjet printers which can directly print on flat media up to 1.3mm thick using pigment based inks. They are A3 printers so perhaps useful for schematic drawing printing.


laser printer darker pcb artwork


I've found that tracing paper (paper used by architects and others) make very good results.
One sheet is used, and even though it doesn't look 100% transparent - the UV doesn't seem to mind :D

I've made boards that have TSOP's fitted on them.
(Print the layout on the paper (mirrored!!!!), 4 mins in the light-box, develop + etch)

Good luck :D

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