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IR extension (of a remote control)

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Aug 2, 2011
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This device was designed to control a TV decoder from another room. More information can be found at LINK.

It is a simple and effective solution. The device operates at 36kHz. The receiver was connected to the transmitter via Internet twisted pair of wire type of approximately 8m. The receiver is very sensitive (TSOP 312XXX). When the transmitter was tested from a distance of approximately 2m, it operates properly. LEDs on both sides indicate the receiving of IR signal. Potentiometer is used for accurate regulation of f. It is the best to use an oscilloscope, but you can make it without that tool as well. Firstly run the system with transmitting LED close to the decoder or a TV set (or any other receiver). When it works, move the transmitter away until a loss of signal and turn the potentiometer to get the receive.
The receiver board was designed for a standing or lying potentiometer. Instead of TSOP, you can useTFMS at 36kHz. The entire device is powered from a plug power supply from a damaged hub (7,5V). The power supply is on the side of the transmitter and the receiver power is at the same twisted pair as the signal.

Pin +5V of the receiver board should be connected to a not described pin form the transmitting side. Capacitors in the receiver: 100uF, 47nF, 1nF mounted from the soldering side.
PCB for thermal transfer (mirror) in the attachment on the original thread.

Link to original thread (useful attachment) – Przedłużacz podczerwieni (pilota zdalnego sterowania)

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