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Arduino IR sensor Code for remote control

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Oct 20, 2018
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Generally Coil Relays are used to control ON OFF to any appliance. These coil relays have mechanical moving contact pins for switching . But When using TRIAC ,then no need to use that relay. Using the TRIAC and Optocoupler make a Different type of Relay called Solid state relay. In solid state relay circuit there are no any moving part components are used. Here Optocoupler ic is used As isolator to Isolate the AC signal with other DC circuit. Optocoupler IC is a type of IC which has IR LED and a phototransistor or phototriac Internally . IR LED used to Activate the phototransistor or phototriac For Triggering to Triac for Switching.
Here Optocoupler MOC3021 is used. For one Load One optocoupler and one Triac used separately so , if you want to connect 10 Load then you need 10 MOC3021 ic And 10 Triac. You can use any Triac of BT134 or Bt136 or BT139. BT139 has maximum load capacity of 9A. BT136 has 6A and BT134 has 4A maximum Load capacity.

Any IR remote control you can use for this like Any TV, DVD, Music Player Remote etc. Only thing is Program must be as your remote , Because coding signal of each remote are may different. Here i use only 5 Bulb as load with circuit but 12-13 load can be connected . This circuit can be used to switch ON or OFF any 12-13 AC Appliance using Remote with 8-10 meter distance . TSOP 1738 IR detector is used to receive the ir signals which transmitted from remote.
arduino ir remote controlled switch.jpg


Click for details and program coding

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