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Install P*otel DXP SP2 fail

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Mar 24, 2003
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Dear all,

When I install P*otel DXP SP2, it appear error message as follows

"cannot find +-0.8mm ... library"

My OS is Tranditional Chinese Windows XP and 2000 and Both OS had installed fail.

Can you help me?

Where did u get ur software from?
be sure the file is not corrupted. u can do that by making sure the file lgnth is the same with the one on the protel site

I didnt have problems at all with DXP SP2 and 'update'
win XP 2600

bye 8)

install fail


what is happening is service pack trying to upgrade one of ur pcb library with one in the service pack. so the best solution is grab the dxp first release and install your libraries again. once u done that go ahead with ur service pack upgradation.

if you are sure about the library name the installer is asking (missing), please let me know i can send u the required library from orginal cd.


Dear all,

I find the answer from protel web.

Detail description is as follow:

Query: I get the message 'Error 1324 invalid character' while installing the trial version.

Details: This occurs when you attempt to install the original release of the Protel DXP trial software onto a version of Windows that uses 2 byte characters. It is known to occur with the Chinese version of Windows but may also occur with other non-English versions.

Answer: This problem has been fixed with the release of Service Pack 2. If you are installing from a CD, check that the label clearly indicates that it contains Service Pack 2, or later. If you are installing from a copy that was downloaded from the Protel web site, download the latest version of the trial software from and install the software again.

So, I maybe need to find newer version Protel

install direct x v9 first

reboot uninstall protel completely

use regclean and regcleaner too remove all trace of any keys

and then reinstall

this time before you install copy the trial setups folders etc too hdd folder

and navigate too the setup .exe right click on it and set it too be compatible with win 2000


The lanuage is not correct. I install Protel Dxp also have the same problem. I forgot where to download the setup.msi to replace the old file. And then you can install it.

updata sp2 seems not languague support!!!!

maybe your sp2 is broken!!!
(i update sp2 .and not change any more,including languege changed)

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