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Identifying some components

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Apr 17, 2012
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A friend gave me some components that he's not using. Between those I found some that I can't identify precisely.
The first one is an LCD display. On the back there are some strings written, but they were of no use to me for identifying the display. The connector is a flat 30-pin cable. Look at the photos below:
IMG_20130113_115525.jpg IMG_20130113_114816.jpg IMG_20130113_113853.jpg
The strings that are written on the back are:
The big ones:
LBL-VLIT1304-01A B

The ones on the small sticker:
S/N: 090725347164
While I was searching for it on the web I found many similar displays starting with COG in their name and most being chinese (no brand). Almost all were 128x64 dots LCD but only one was using a 30 pin flat cable:
There is a pinout table but this one uses different connections. My display has pin 1 as Cathode and pin 2 as Anode (connections K and A on the back are bridged to the main connector through the small flat cable), instead the display in the link uses external power wires but still a 30 pin flat connector, so I think it's of no use.
If someone could help me having the display datasheet I'd be very thankful.

The second component I can't identify is this one:
It doesn't look like any component I've seen before and by searching on the web with the strings written on it I found nothing. The strings are:
the one on the left: DL 1557 0003 PRC
the one on the right: DL 1551 9826 PRC
And there are some numbers which I guess are the pin numbers. Does someone know what are these components?

At last, I have some polyester capacitors, the housing is as same as this one:
but I have also some in a cyan colored housing (does that make any difference?). This time I have problems identifying the capacitor value. As in the photo above there is a K with a number. On the yellow capacitors I have 8n2K 500 and the cyan capacitors I have μ1K 63. At first I thought they mean 8.2nF and 0.1μF; but then, what does the K xxx number stand for?

I have 8n2K 500 and the cyan capacitors I have μ1K 63. At first I thought they mean 8.2nF and 0.1μF; but then, what does the K xxx number stand for?

K= +-10% tolerance and the number following that is the voltage rating

8.2nf 500v 10%
100nf 63v 10%
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Thanks alexan_e! About the capacitor housing color, that's meaningless, right?

2 days passed now still I didn't had an answer to all of my questions so I'm bumping this thread. Please guys, the display is much more important, if you have any idea about the display, tell me.

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