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I need an Electro-Beem Scanning array antenna design

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Jan 6, 2003
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I'm working on a posetioner device which locate beem or transmitter scource position... what I need is to build an array antenna with electronic scan structure to locate the source w/t moving the antenna or rotating it... you can see the attached pic if the idea is not clear yet.. or submet your question and I'll reply...


I need electronic circuit to control theta of the main beam

two main methods

There are two main methods. One changes the phase of the path from each antenna element to a summing point. One way has delay lines that cah have their delay set to a particular value. This gets expensive. The other way is to use delay lines whose delay is a function of frequency (dispersive) and change the operating frequency. This only works in uses such as RADAR sets where the receiver and transmitter can be tuned to the same frequency.
The second method compares the time of arrival of the signal to two or more antennas. If you are operating at a low frequency this can be done by comparing the phase of the received carriers. If you ar at a high frequency you have to modulate the transmitted signal with a distinctive pattern that can be used at the receiver to detect very small time differences.

hi Hishamsaleh

...I´m very interested in your work. Take a look to this book:

Handbook of Antennas in Wireless Communications
Lal Chand Godara (editor), CRC Press

...also, to this classical books:

Introduction to Adaptive Arrays
R.Monzingo and T.Miller Wiley

Array Signal Processing: Concepts and Techniques
Jhonson and Dudgeon. Prentice-Hall

...also, take a look for papers in the IEEE, for example:

"Adaptive array antenna beamforming architectures as viewed by a microwave circuit designer"
Ohira, Takashi. Microwave Conference 2000

thank you very much... :)

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