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I have problem with pspice schematic when I want to simulate circuit

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very question

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Nov 11, 2012
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Thank you for your time
I want to simulate my circuits but I get this error,what should I do?
Thanks in advance
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Problems that might be flagged in a simulator (but which is not necessarily an error with real components):

* Connecting a wire end to the middle of another wire rather than another wire end

* Omitting a zero ground

* Connecting two voltage sources directly to each other

* Connecting capacitors (either to each other or across a voltage source) without an intervening resistance of some kind

* Driving the bias terminal of a transistor/mosfet with a voltage greater or less than the supply rails.
thanks my friends
I use pspice schematics 16.3
this is my circuit
View attachment Schematic1.rar
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this is a general windows error which I've seen in other, non-PSPICE-related situations

almost seems like u have another previous pspice running in the background or something....before u simulate, try bringing up task manager, and make sure see if any processes need to be deleted
Now I see your problem is unrelated to my post #2.

The error suggests Windows believes another program has hung up, and it needs for you to close it.

Or, because the message is titled 'Server busy', it suggests Windows is confused as to which disk your program/data is on.
Or it is trying to access some other disk but cannot find it.
Or it is detecting a real or false error, having to do with a crash (or incomplete exit) of pspice the last time you used it.


Are you running pspice from a thumbdrive/ flashdrive/ pendrive?
Is your data on that type of unit?

Did you install the pspice program directly on your hard disk? Is your data in its folder? Or have you previously navigated to the folder where your data is?

Typical recommendation is to try re-installing pspice.


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