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How to stop Eagle pro moving text when smash/unsmash'ing?

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When re-sizing “name” and “value” text in Eagle, pro 7.4.0 schematics, one has to unsmash, then smash the component in order to bring about the size change of text, after having changed the text size in the symbol library……if there are lots of components with text that needs re-sizing on a schem sheet, then one does the smashing/unsmashing as a group……but this then moves the text of all the components away from the optimal positions where they have been placed.

Why does Eagle do this?

I had placed my “name” and “value” text neatly on a sheet of components, then did the smash/unsmash thing to the whole sheet, and its moved all the text of every component away from where I placed it.

Is there any way of smashing/unsmashing, without moving the text?…….i don’t want to move the text, I want to smash/unsmash it….why did Eagle move it hour of editing text positions on the schematic totally wasted.


one hour of editing text positions on the schematic totally wasted.
There is an UNDO function... also there should be backup .S#1 and B#1 where you will get the state before your changes.

It´s not clear to me..
* You placed names and values with smashed texts in schematic
* then you edited value_text_size and name_text_size in library
* then you did an update_library in schematic
* then text and name positions are like given in the library?
did I understand that right?

if so:
* while it is good technique to adjust text sizes in the library .. this is good for further projects
* but you may also change text sizes in schematic.

I like all values and name shown in the same size, but sometimes a PCB is so complex that the size is too large.
Then I:
* enable "tOrigin" layer,
* generate a group with all devices,
* perform a group_smash,
* generate a new group (with the smashed texts)
* perform a group_change_size

I just tested this: I smashed a device, moved the texts, then unsmashed the device --> the text went back to the library position.
I never did the unsmash before. Why do you perform the UNSMASH?

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if you don't do the unsmash, then when you go "library.... update all", it doesn't update unless you unsmash, then smash

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