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How to program my basic computer???

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May 12, 2011
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NO NO I don't want the complete design, but want someone to give me a hint to do it.

I have designed the memory, registers, bus unit etc. etc. What I wanna know is how to program my memory with instructions. I have kept the control unit as the top module of my design, so should I provide the read and write signals of memory as an input for the user outside the control unit- but that will increase the number of input lines to the design.

I heard about programming the memory using a text file created through a C program but did not get it, so if anyone can help me???

Halo friend , why did you ask like these question here : did you read the forum rule .please dont violate the forum rule keep it into neatly .else you may be banned thanks
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Hi gmish27,

I saw your post and was looking for my notes on the topic. There are a couple of different approaches, pre-synthesis and post-synthesis. I have only done the later, post-synthesis.

Here are the main points:

How to update BRAM contents post-synthisis

The recipie for this is:

1. Convert your HEX file to a ".mem" file.
2. Use the Xilinx "data2mem" program to insert the data in the '.mem' file into the '.bit' file.
3. Configure the device with the resulting bit file.

The merging process uses a "_bd.bmm" file define the "address space" created by one or more BRAM blocks.

Quoted from the link below:

**broken link removed**

Also this year's April and May edition of Circuit Cellar have a two part article which covers this very topic. If you or a friend has a copies of this article, I would highly recommend reading it.

Circuit Cellar April and May 2011, "Getting Started with Microprogramming Part 1 & 2"

That should get you started in the right direction.

Holler if you need more help.

Hi gmish27,

Did you manage to get you softcore programmed?

If so, what method did you use?


well i simply went for providing it the instructions thru a text file located in the project folder and using the function $readmemb.

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