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How to model a connector in Cadence PCB SI?

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Oct 24, 2006
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cadence connector

Hi, friends
I have a problem on how to model the connector to make it be used in Cadence PCB SI 630.
The connector has 230pins, and high speed differential signals can run on it. I already have the SPICE Netlist of the connector, it is a RLC network, but not for all 230pins, only for a pair differential pins and two GND isolation pins, they are a group.
So I use the netlist as the subcircuit, and transferred it to be a ESPICE model (also a dml format file) using BlackBox in Cadence Model Integrity. Success. Then I can find its ESpiceDevice model in the ESpiceDevice list of the library.
Then suppost I am able to simulate the differential signals channel using this connector model in SigXplorer, as I already have all other models for other devices.
But I can not. And I found out that the root cause is the connector model.
so my friends, my questions start:
1) it is okay to use ESpiceDevice Model as the model of the connector model to be used in SigXplorer? if no, then what model should be used? is it PackageModel?
2) How to compile the PackageModel if I have SPICE Netlist? How to deal with the ground pins in the PackageModel when editing the model using TextEdit. Do you have an example saying the connector has pins defined as ground pins.
3) how do you usually do your connector modeling and how do you use them in the simulation?

Appreciate of your reply!

I have this problem: I have a spice model of a connector. Allegro PCB SI can extract the Topology with this components but it is not able to do the simulation.
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