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How to export GDS from Cadance Virtuoso

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export gds from virtuoso

1. All layers are exported to gds and made visible in the viewer program
2. You used big sized text. ( try to zoom in you may find it :) )

gds virtuoso

try my script , run "strmout"
check PIPO.LOG for unmapped layer, you may need font mapping....

streamOutKeys = list(nil
~runDir "."
~libName "%library%"
~primaryCell "%cell%"
~viewName "layout"
~outFile "./gds/%cell%.gds"
~scale 0.001000
~units "micron"
~hierDepth 20
~convertToGeo ""
~maxVertices 200
~refLib nil
~libVersion "5.0"
~checkPolygon nil
~snapToGrid nil
~simMosaicToArray t
~caseSensitivity "upper"
~lineToZeroPath "path"
~rectToBox nil
~dotToPolygon nil
~useParentXYforText nil
~reportPrecision nil
~runQuiet nil
~errFile "PIPO.LOG"
~NOUnmappingLayerWarning nil
~cellMapTable ""
~layerTable ""
~textFontTable ""
~convertPin "geometry"
~pinInfo 0
~pinTextMapTable ""
~propMapTable ""
~propSeparator ","
~userSkillFile ""

export gds

all my layout port "labels" are missing, . Any clue? thank[/quote]


If your labels are using a symbolic cell, you will miss label information. Even in your same Cadence software(VirtuosoXL) when you streamOut and streamIn again. So, my suggestion is: Don't export database until you tapeout.

Otherwise use text layer.

Good luck!


virtuoso export gds

cin said:
I export my layout to GDS using Virtuoso Stream Out feature. However, when I look at my layout using GDS display software, all my layout port "labels" are missing, . Any clue? thank

What's your GDS display software?

virtuso converttogeo

If your layer number is not exsist in current technology file . To streamout these layer , you should edit one layer map table file and fill the map table file name in the streamout form .

exporting the layout as gds2 in virtuoso

Um, just as a neurotic sidebar: I heard that cadence embeds a code into their gds files that when a foundry "sees" contacts cadence to determine that the person that sent it in is registered.
This is no problem if you actually bought the software...however, if you haven't, it seems that it could present some problems. Legally, financially, ninja in the nighty.

ok, anyone else hear of this?

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