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how to burn Hex file to Pic Microcontroller

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Bijesh Kawan

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Feb 26, 2015
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how to Burn hex file to pic16f877a microcontroller ?
I recently got the mini system pic development board (PIC-DIP40)
But donot know how to burn the please tell me the process to burn.


You might consider saying hello, and asking for advice politely.


I can't see anything on the development board that lets you use it to program the 16F877A, it looks like it can only be used for experimenting with software. The white connector on the right side might have "ICSP" (In Circuit Serial Programming) written beside it, I can't see clearly, if it does, you might be able to plug a programmer into it. You still need additional hardware though, something like a Pickit2, Pickit3 or similar.



I´d ask the manufacturer...
Isn´t there a datasheet or a manual on how to use it?
What does google say?


Thanks for the reply . So i need pickit 2 for burning hex file to microcontroller. Can i use the below linked product for this purpose?
Thanks for the reply. Yes it is Icsp . So i need pickit2 to burn hex file to microcontroller then.
Can i use this product for this purpose
**broken link removed**

I managed to find a vendor of the board with a schematic and an image of its underside, the white connector is an ICSP port which can be used to program the device in the ZIF socket.

A PICkit 2 or 3 should do the trick with a proper adapter cable.

The Spanish to English translation of the webpage title is loosely:

PIC development board Bootloader DIP40 PIC16F887 Tinypic



The webpage seems to indicate the PIC16F877A is preloaded with the Tiny PIC Bootloader, which should enable you to download a properly configured and compiled program to the microcontroller via the serial port.

Tiny PIC bootloader


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Yes, that should do the trick.

Although, you may need to make an adapter cable as the pitch of the white connector on the board maybe finer/smaller than the cable adapter pictured in the eBay listing.

You also might try downloading the Tiny Bootloader application from the website, connect a serial cable to the dev board and attempt to establish communications with the bootloader if present in PIC16F877A.

The link to the Tiny Bootloader I provided in the previous post has all the details, bootloader firmware and download application available.

If the bootloader is installed in the PIC, you can experiment around with it in the meantime.


I would add a few words of caution - If you erase the 16F877A be careful not to erase or overwrite the bootloader part of the memory. If you do, the PIC is still perfectly usable afterwards but you will be forced to use a PicKit or similar to program it. If the bootloader is lost, it will not be possible to download a program using the serial interface on the development board although connection through the the ICSP socket will still work.


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